Our Mission

Our mission is to bring long lasting, sustainable pain relief to the impoverished people of Nepal. Through the work of our international volunteers we offer physical, mental and emotional pain relief services through acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage and other manual therapies.

We aim our efforts at those families who are both displaced by the recent earthquakes and monsoons, but also taking care of young children. We aim to provide training in basic pain relief techniques for community based, sustainable pain relief services integrated into local health services and community centres.

Your donation will help us provide accommodation, food and locals costs for volunteers to bring relief to the most in need.

Latest News : Charikot Clinic Update

News from both of the volunteers we currently have in Nepal this time. First Jussi our Finnish volunteer has started a bilingual blog outlining his experiences in Nepal, This can be found here: www.jussiroivanen.com

Our other volunteer Kelly also sent us an update which you can find below, including some great pictures!

“Things are going well. Just having a wee problem attempting to limit the portions of food. 😳  Everyone has been lovely and welcoming. I have asked Mukunda Ji if he would be kind enough to bless the clinic for us, as per LiLi’s suggestion and he has agreed. When he does this I will take a video and send it to you.”

Charikot Clinic Renovation

Many thanks to all our donors for helping us to create a really lovely, WARM, clinic for the 2017 Health Camp in Charikot!

Here are some pictures of the progress so far.


Our Local Partners

The following organisations have been engaged for the purpose of mutual cooperation in the field, these include:


Wellness hospitalMod