Our Mission

Our mission is to bring long lasting, sustainable pain relief to the impoverished people of Nepal. Through the work of our international volunteers we offer physical, mental and emotional pain relief services through acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage and other manual therapies.

We aim our efforts at those families who are both displaced by the recent earthquakes and monsoons, but also taking care of young children. We aim to provide training in basic pain relief techniques for community based, sustainable pain relief services integrated into local health services and community centres.

Your donation will help us provide accommodation, food and locals costs for volunteers to bring relief to the most in need.

March Trip

Thanks to all the support of our donors and all who attended our charity events, this year Nepal Pain Relief( NPR) will be opening its first permanent pain relief clinic. Here’s the update of our progress.

In early January of this year, Journey Pradhan, treasurer of NPR travelled to Dolakha to establish the partnership relationship between TUKI and NPR.

By March, Nepal Pain Relief formally established its new partnership with TUKI in Charikot, Dolakha and work could begin on bringing Chinese medicine to the people in need.

Dolakha was one of the areas that was most affected by the earthquake on 12 May 2015.
Many of those affected by the earthquake are still living in temporary housing. TUKI has a long history of rural development work in Dolakha since 1977 and has well-established networks communicating with the surrounding mountainous regions.

At the end of March, Lucy Dean, president of NPR and Dosan Gurung, General Secretary of NPR travelled to Dolakha to give the TUKI team an introduction on how NPR works and the techniques used by volunteers to alleviate pain. After this, a free four-day health camp clinic was run at the new clinic site in the TUKI compound to begin local outreach. With the support of the TUKI team, two volunteers, a project coordinator and an interpreter, 120 very relieved patients were treated.


Unfortunately, many were turned away due to time constraints but with the promise of returning volunteers in October!!!!!


Check back soon for more updates on our work in Nepal. And as always if you want to help then please donate using buttons to the side or at the bottom of this website.



Nepal Pain Relief Staff

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to the new Nepal Pain Relief Project website! This site is still currently under construction but check back soon for updates!


Our Local Partners

The following organisations have been engaged for the purpose of mutual cooperation in the field, these include:


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